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Kundli Matching

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Marriage is a special moment of every person’s life and rests whole life depends upon that life partner. After marriage, everyone feels a significant change in his or her life. So, it is very important and difficult to choose the right life partner. How you select which person is perfect for you?

Best Astrologer In India plays a very important role in a marriage or in choosing the right partner. By checking the horoscope, your planets will tell about the chances of your wedding. They will speak about your love compatibility and the success of your marriage. It is very important to know all these things if you want a successful married life. You must know which time is best for your wedding.

Some people didn’t believe in these things and got married without match their Kundli. They face many problems after marriage. In your Kundli, there will be complete information about your life, about your planets, and if your worlds are matched better with your life partner, then you can enjoy a successful married life.

An expert astrologer can give you a better match for life. He can tell you about a perfect match with your Kundli. kundli matching astrologer is an expert astrologer and famous in all states of India. kundli matching astrologer can help you well for your Kundli matching. They have great experience of reading Kundli and matching with other perfectly. He is a specialist in many other astrological fields as love marriage, business problem, childless problem, career problem, family problem, etc.

Kundli Matching or Guna Milan

Kundli matching or Horoscope matching is one of the most utilized forms of astrology used since ages before moving into marital affairs. This astrology is the first step that ensures a better and happy married life for the couple. This ritual is performed by the parents to provide a better future for the couples by comparing their compatibility in terms of guna or qualities. If the score is 25-34 then match is very good, the match is termed to be perfect if 32 qualities match from a total of 36 qualities. The next stage emerges with the sound of shehnai and drum.
There are about nine qualities that have unique relevance to it. These qualities determine the rate of compatibility between to-be couples. These qualities include Varna, Vashya, Tara, Yoni, Graham, Maître, Gana, Bhakut, Naadi. These gunas have their relevance attached to each quality like Skills, mental compatibility, dominate behaviors, health issues, the welfare of the couples, intellectual and hereditary factors, etc. The score determines for a long, healthy, and happy married life.
Several astrologers have hereditary experience of reading your Kundli, which is prepared when a child is born. These astrologers or Pandits are an expert in interpreting the status of your signs in their respective houses. Janam Kundali is formed by the birthplace, and time of the child, and mythologically it is the result of the effect of gravitational forces of planets and stars that determines the feasibility in the couple’s life.

Zodiac signs vs. Marriage

For Kundli matching, you need to understand the zodiac signs. There are about 12 zodiac signs which are classified according to the person’s name and birth date, which is yet another important element essential in matchmaking or Kundli matching. The parents leave no stone unturned to ensure a successful life for their children. These zodiac signs have further divided into four subgroups which determine the nature of the person. Look at the following division to find yours: Fire: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius Water: Cancer, Scorpion, Pisces Earth: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn Air: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius These classifications help you know about your future and are assumed that people with similar signs may have a happy life. These signs help you know about the several combinations that are offered with respect to their characters, helping in knowing the feasibility of the desired couples. After the satisfactory inspection, parents decide to move forward and start preparing for the Marriage. Several astrologers have hereditary experience of reading your Kundali, which is prepared when a child is born. These astrologers or Pandits are an expert in predicting the status of your signs and its presence in their respective houses. Janam Kundali is formed by the birthplace and time of the child, and mythologically, it is the result of the effect of gravitational forces of planets and stars that determines the possibility of a better-married life.

Process of Match Making

The Pandits keenly observe the couples birth charts and analyze the planetary positions and their movements. The astrologer makes a pattern of the changes observed and thus predicts the future of the couple, which includes the personal relationship between the couple, their compatibility, family life, etc. If the response is positive, then the parents get a green signal for the Marriage and happily welcome a new member in their life. If in case, some problems are emerging, then the pandits provide various solutions.

Kundali vs. Education

This is originated from the Vedic era and is not just useful for Marriage but helps to know about the individual’s profession, education, behaviors or to know about future problems evolving. Education is also an important aspect which is widely to understand the educational journey of the child, which may result in a better professional life. The presence of Jupiter and Mercury in the right house decide the educational prospects of the child. It is essential to do Kundli matching but do not follow it blindly.
India is a culturally rich country with many traditions and beliefs. These rituals form the backbone of our country’s rich civilization. Kundli Matching gives us the belief that the couple will stay happy and prosper in their lives. The other methods used are Tarot reading, Feng shui, Numerology, Vastu Shastri, Palm reading, etc. which gives you a prediction of a lifelong and happy journey for the bride and groom. India being a Hindu dominated country these customs play a vital role in the formation of a new relationship. Thus, these norms are accepted throughout the country and are essential for marital affairs.

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